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Know that in all this darkness, there will be light in the end.

I know, it makes no sense.

Try to not be upset at the fact that this world is not what you imagined or hoped to be.

I know you’re struggling to understand it all.

But you are here!

It is way beyond anything, but good. So figure out your purpose.

Figure out what you can do to stay steady.

Decide how you can work your love and light to contribute to what it is that you want to see.

‘Healthy nation, healthy people, peace, love and freedom.’

Pure love, joy, and happiness comes from within.

So when they say no, try again.

And know that in all the darkness, there will be light in the end.

Do not feel alone.

-Tara Newbigging

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Aubrey Pope
Aubrey Pope
Feb 01, 2022

This was beautiful Tara!

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