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"A woman of determination, passion, and creativity.
She is open, honest, and speaks her truth."

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Meet Tara

Life Coach & Fitness / Wellness Trainer / Soul Sparker / Energy worker

Entrepreneur, the mastermind behind The b. class®, Life Coach, Fitness Coach (Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer), Yoga Teacher, Reiki therapist, and adventure seeker. Tara Newbigging holds a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education with a Major in Health Promotion. Beyond the labels, Tara is a passionate individual who loves to inspire people and help them discover their talents and gifts so that they can enjoy and experience their true life purpose and happiness. You can find this girl outside running in the mountains, riding her bike, skiing, or taking a walk by the river. These are just a few of her most connected inspirational activities. Her passion and life force help her see opportunity. And, her motivation creates spark.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Full Body Strength- May 14, 2024

Full Body Strength- May 14, 2024

Strength May 7th

Strength May 7th

Full Body Strength - April 30, 2024

Full Body Strength - April 30, 2024

45 min Full Body

45 min Full Body


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of
Self Love & Self - Connection.
Begin Your Journey Today.


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" I was able to open up my heart, heal my scars, and go after all the things that I always wanted."

"Tara's workouts have been the best thing ever! They have challenged me to be stronger, balanced, and mentally capable of so much more than I ever thought." 

"Talking to Tara, as a Life Coach, I was able to get my ideas out clearly, and finally take action and make a change." 

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