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Passion Seeker. Movement maker. Energy creator. Author. Athlete. Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast. Light worker. 



There’s a passion behind her dedication like no other. A spark was ignited from within to self-heal, release and help people walk through life. Her love language is connection. The energy she exudes is a direct reflection of whom she is surrounded by and connected to. There is something special within her soul that drives you to a feeling of inspiration. Take a class, join a coaching group, or work one on one with Tara and you will leave feeling empowered, energized, clear, and feeling fulfilled. 


A woman of integrity, determination, passion, and creativity. She is open, honest, and speaks her truth. If you have the opportunity to meet Tara Newbigging, to feel her energy, and witness her beauty, do not hesitate. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to heal, ignite, and set fire to their heart's desires. She loves helping others find their truth, brave their storms, and evolve into their truest selves. She is passionate about fitness, mental wellness, and lives for outdoor adventures.


Tara is also the creator and inspirational leader behind The b. class®. A one-of-a-kind women’s fitness program designed to strengthen all aspects of your mind, body, soul. A program that allows you to b. you. Tara stumbled upon this creation in 2012 as she was shifting within her own self and creating from her heart space a program that she wanted to she be available for women. She wanted to link music with movement, and soul connections to music and provide a space or people to self heal and start to link a deeper connection within their heart space and intuition. If you have had never heard about The b. class® that's probably because it is a boutique brand that Tara has been building. With hand picked leaders around Canada, Australia and New Zealand, this boutique brand is small, yet powerful. To read more and find out more about it check out our alternate site.

There is also the sister program for young girls called Girl be YOU. One that is supporting the young girls of tomorrow.

Tara offers virtual classes so that anyone anywhere can experience it. Check one out for your self. It's like nothing you have ever done before. Check out here virtual offerings here:



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