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1 month of Video access +  Group Connection


Embodied Living with Tara Newbigging 

"Both soft & fierce can co-exist + still be powerful." 

- Danielle Doby 

Experience a body centred exploration of your relationship with self through movement, meditation, breath work, supportive conversations, journaling and more. 

For the month of February, you can sign up and have access to a video library of movement practices such as: 

Strength, The b. class®, Meditation, Yoga, Gentle Recovery, Fun playful movement to explore. 

Align yourself with what is serving you and what is not. Honour your desires, and deepen your connection to all aspects of self. Build a supportive container within your body, and heart for true embodied living. 

Feb. 1- 28th have access to these videos that you can do on your own time anytime! All videos are 30 min / 15 min. 

On Thursday's Tara will be leading a live FREE group check in, discussion for anyone signed up and interested in joining. 7pm PST | 8 pm MST. (Feb. 2,9,16,23) 

You can sign up and have access anytime before or after Feb.1, 2023


Questions: Message


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