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Behind the shadow

Do not let them shadow you with their lies.

My dear, do not little yourself to fit in the box.

Their journey is theirs, and yours is yours to be had.

Keep tapping in, keep believing.

You know.

You know what’s going on, you know what feels right and what doesn’t.

Trust that!

You know what’s yours, and what is not. So please keep navigating your way through this season.

The journey is not always easy, but I promise you, staying true to YOU will always be worth it.

They will not understand, they will not agree, they will blame, shame, and point the fingers.

But know, this is not about you.

Promise me you will honestly believe and know that this is not about you.

It is theirs, to hold, to feel, and to deal with, not yours.

So, do not let them shadow you in their lies.

-Tara Newbigging

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Jody Craig
Jody Craig
Feb 06, 2022

thank you Tara. I needed this today

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