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Dear Compassion

Dear compassion, I need you today!

Your kindness that you can provide helps me soften, and let go. It allows me to accept the right now.

Compassion, you love me and provide an overall sense of acceptance of each moment that allows me to accept all aspects of where I am at.

Compassion, your presence is contagious. When you are around I feel held in your frequency and I am filled with personal joy.

You remind me that everything has a time, and all that I need and the paths that need to be taken will show up at the right time. I can almost feel you place your hand on my shoulder and tell me how proud you are of me.

Compassion you have such a strong ability to hold space that allows me to be proud of myself, and it feels so darn good.

Compassion, Thank-you. Come around more.

-Tara Newbigging

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