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Freedom wants to know what you're doing?

Hey!!!!!! are you listening?

You say you are free, but then why are you so tangled up inside? Filled with illusions of fear? Stories of the past replaying over and over again. Negative self doubt, followed with the need to feel 'safe' ruling your days.

What even is safety?

What even cultivates as "good enough"?

Why are you letting fear win? It's a toxic virus that's lingering everywhere today.

It's stealing from you, lying to you, pulling you further and further away.

It's drowning you from your truth and potential.

Common, It doesn't have to be like this...................

Freedom want's to know, what are you doing?

You can be free from your chains, free from your fears, and the walls of your own prison.

Live, love, be lost, be found.

But please, forgive and believe.


never loose your sense of freedom within.

- Tara Newbigging

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