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Navigating Emotions.

If I have not expressed it before I am about to now! The b. class® formerly know as BooTy® has changed my life and many lives of the women who have experienced it.

That saying, "you don't know what you love until you can't have it" is true.

Over the last few weeks I have been sitting with ALL of my emotions. Like many, I seem to have 'good days', and 'bad days'. The rollercoaster emotions seems to get tangled in my head, heart, and body. For all those sensitive individuals out there; you can empathize the highs and lows and the need to clear, connect and let go constantly. I would say that many are struggling to feel connected, and struggling to feel the joys and clarity that we can sometimes find. For me, Ive been thinking a lot about what it is that The b. class® does, and why so many women are

feeling the loss and yet so darn excited to get back to classes.

The word that keeps coming to me is... EQUILIBRIUM. The b. class® seems to provide not only a great kick ass workout, but a wonderful community full of connection. It helps participants find equilibrium within feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I realized these past two months with not having classes, that The b.class® is a wonderful reset and great way to find that equilibrium with all parts of ones self. The feelings that we all get from either participating or leading are like nothing else you have ever experienced in a 'fitness class'.

The other day I described The b. class® like your head and your heart going into a boxing ring and letting them 'duke it out.' We all struggle with our "thoughts" good and or bad. I would also say at times we struggle to listen to our heart and our truth. Our heart and our head can constantly battle until we quiet down, drop in, and decide which we will navigate through life with.

The one thing I love about The b. class® is that my head turns off. I get so into the music and the movements that I connect to my heart space. I let all feelings flow, and I literally go to battle with my thoughts and emotions and my heart and higher power (God/ Universe, whatever you believe in.)

In the one hour class / 'boxing ring' I find that my heart win's every time!

All things come out; anger, hurt, frustration, self judgement, fears, memories, and even ideas and visions. The moment the music comes on and we can all drop in that collective supportive space with all the women craving the same thing, we can battle life, truth, and become the champions of our hearts desires.

-Tara Newbigging

“Even in broken mirrors she saw her worth. One thousand little pieces of self reflection reminding her how beautifully she survived”

- Unknown

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