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Rise & Fall.

There's no good, no bad, no right or wrong.

What we consider mistakes are lessons and seeds of beauty and depth to our lives that would never have been.Love the good, the bad, the easy, and the hard. It's all there for a reason. 

We rise, we fall.

We linger, we run.

We crave connection yet we want to seclude.

This struggle of opposite forces.

We rise, we fall.

We love, we hurt.

We feel , we numb.

We seek, we hide.

This struggle of opposite forces. 

We rise, we fall.

We win, we lose. 

We sleep, we wake.

We live, we die. 

There is always an opposite. Or is it just a different way? 

One, not better then the other, not right or wrong. It's just a way. 

The beautiful thing about opposite forces, is that we can go either way. 

In-between rise and fall is up to us. 

Together lets RISE.


-Tara Newbigging 

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