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She Took Me For A Walk To Her Favourite Place.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

She took me for a walk.....all alone our 'selves."

She spoke to me and I listened. She told me everything she was thinking, and all that she was grateful for.

Never once did I interrupt.

She shared vision's, goals, dream's and aspiration's. She spoke with such certainty, as if she knew it was going to happen.

I walked beside, and listened. She made me feel energized, she made me feel alive and awake. We crossed over a bridge with water flowing; it was as if I could hear more clearly . She stopped speaking and we walked in silence side by side. Quietly I heard the birds chirping ever so loudly. There was a stillness, a softness in the air. Everything felt so calm.

She was so beautiful, so graceful, so strong and so fierce all at the same time. Lovely I would call her.

I wondered how SHE did it?

SHE..... told me to love.

SHE...... told me to believe!

SHE......told me to go for it.

SHE...... told me to not overthink.

SHE.......told me to get dirty and messy!

SHE......told me to try.

SHE......told me.....Trust.

SHE......told me don't wait.

SHE.....told me timing is everything.

SHE......told me to feel, not think.

It was almost as if she knew something I didn't.

As we got closer to the lake, she asked me, " do you feel it? Do you see what I see?

SHE grabbed my hand and told me to close my eyes. "Trust me," SHE said. "I'll lead you and show you the way." Without a doubt I went for it. Hand-in-hand one foot in front of the other. It was amazing. SHE lead me, it felt easy, I felt safe, I felt clear. I trusted every foot step I took while she lead me. We arrived, and it was the most beautiful place I have ever felt. We sat in silence. Five minutes past, ten minutes past, before we knew it, 30 min had passed.

She quietly whispered in my ear........"I love you, come play with me more often."

-Tara Newbigging

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