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We Are Search Lights.


he let go, she let go without a thought or a word. She let go of all the anxiety, hurt, judgment, and stories that held her back. 

“We are searchlights we can see in the dark.” I hear these words play over and over as I ground women through a favorite warm-up song by Pink called What about us.

As we expand our wings and fold forward to the ground we connect, and let go. This constant reminder of the ability to rise above, and the ability to see through hard times comes through to me in this song. 

Our ability to be a searchlight comes from connecting with our deepest hearts desires and soul destiny. It will speak to us loud if we are quiet enough to let it. Even when we feel so far lost if we can turn off our mind and connected to the deeper aspects of our hearts we can see the light even in the dark. The knowing that we can find our way again, and the earning for a feeling of freedom and ease is there, however, we must listen connect and be patient. It will come if we learn to keep being our own searchlight.

Through good times and bad, sickness and health I vowe to always love you, listen to you, work hard for keeping our connection strong.

Thank you inner wisdom for helping me always find my own way. 

-Tara Newbigging 

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