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Soul Coaching 1:1

I dare you to fall in love with who you are, and create a life you love. I would be honoured to help support you along your path. My work is to support you, and help you see your full potential, break down the barriers or the limiting beliefs that you may have. 1:1 coaching can be a powerful tool for those who feel stuck, or need some shifting in their lives. Someone to help guide them along their path from fear to love, and with support towards highest potential of joy and happiness. Try a few session with Tara and see what happens within your self and your life. Tara's spirit sparks change, positive outlooks towards what you might feel be burdens or blockages and set backs. Reframe your way of thinking, as we walk side by side through this journey of self discovery and self growth. 

Tara Newbigging 

  • Heart Whispers : Accessible insights and support towards your truth.

    350 Canadian dollars
  • Fitness, Virtual offerings, coaching support and more.

    555 Canadian dollars
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If you feel called to work with me, or would like to have a 30 min complementary call we can certainly set that up. 

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