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Cultivate Connection: Online Retreat :

October 21,22/2022

One-day online retreat for those who need a reset here and now. Cozy up on a fall weekend with a cup of tea, your journal, and prepare to cultivate some precious space for yourself.

Take this one-day profound break and connect with yourself and other women from all over. We will flow through the day with a few hours of deep immersion into practices that will help you to get a fresh start.

This retreat is exactly the kind of break you need. This is the opportunity to exhale stress, slow down, see and hear yourself. Tara will guide you through a beautiful day and create an opportunity to feel the depth and the connection with something more than our everyday reality.

If you are feeling the call for some space in our life and can carve out a day to have the home to yourself, or find a quiet place to have no responsibilities and dive into the flow, Please join us. 

Friday Oct. 21 | 7pm MST (Optional)

(MST) Saturday Oct. 22 | 8am-2:30 pm

(EST) Saturday Oct.22, 11am - 5:30pm

(PST) Saturday Oct. 22 7am-1:30pm 


*Guided Meditations
*Ground & Flow Yoga Practices
*Quiet the mind, listen the heart
*Space to journal with prompting Q&A
*Space for breaks, snacks, walks
*Guest speaker
*Self Care Practices
*The b. class® 
*Fun Dance Party 
*Self guided journaling 
*Sharing/ Caring & Holding Space Time
*Yoga Nidra & YIN with Guest Teacher
*Closing Circle 

Guidance on how to prepare for the day before and during and after will be sent out upon sign up. Carving out the time and setting the space up will be important for success. Staying in the comfort of your own home, yet feeling like you have taken a whole reset holiday will be the magical potion of the end result. 

Consider how you want to feel? Consider your investment in your body mind and soul, and mark your calendar and sign up to join this special day. Discover the clarity that you can get when you cultivate the space within and around. 


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Advance: $ TBA
After September 19th $ TBA

Pay with Visa online or, EMT


Rejuvenate your Soul | Make yourself #1

This private solo weekend getaway is something so special that everyone needs to experience. Connect with Tara and she will offer a deep soul connection coaching sessions and link together a weekend of rejuvenation. Based on your needs and desires, Tara will plan and connection together a weekend of healers, soul-filling self practices. This will be the idea getaway for someone needing a reset and soul filling rejuvenating boost. 

Contact: for more details. Book a call to discuss, Tara will provide a quote and details before planning process begins. 

woman in towel
Girl Hiking in Mountains

Cultivate Connection 

Join Tara  for a women's weekend getaway themed cultivating connection. This weekend will be filled with activities within her studio, as well as the great outdoors to cultivate a sense of self and a deeper connection within. 


BOOK PRIVATE GROUP: Yes, this is available. Contact Tara to plan and organize your special weekend with your group of friends. Tara will help organize and plan it.

Email Tara