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Forest Path
Trail Running Group
(April | May, 2023) with Tara Newbigging in Penticton & Summerland
Intro: Trail Running | Thursday's April 6 - May 25, 2023 (8 weeks) 5:30 pm

*can be adjusted based on needs and who signs up. 

I love trail running, and I want to share that passion with you! 

Are you looking to explore the world of trail running but don't know where to start? Join our Trail Running Intro Group and discover the joys of running in nature on trails.

~Tara Newbigging

Are you looking to explore the world of trail running but don't know where to start?

Join our 'Trail Running Intro Group' and discover the joys of running off-road! Our group is perfect for beginners who are new to trail running or those who want to improve their skills. We welcome runners of all levels and aim to create a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone can progress at their own pace. During our sessions, we'll explore a variety of trails, from easy to moderate difficulty, and cover topics such as technique, gear, safety, and trail etiquette. We'll also provide tips on nutrition and hydration, and how to train for longer distances. Not only will you improve your fitness and endurance, but you'll also experience the beauty of nature and the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering new trails. And who knows, you might even make some new friends along the way! So what are you waiting for? Come join our Trail Running Intro Group and start your journey into the exciting world of trail running.

Nature and trail running have numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. Here are some of them:

  1. Improved cardiovascular fitness: Trail running involves running on uneven terrain, which makes the heart and lungs work harder, leading to improved cardiovascular fitness.

  2. Increased strength and endurance: Trail running engages more muscle groups than road running, including the core, hips, and legs, leading to increased strength and endurance.

  3. Reduced impact on joints: Trail running is softer on the joints than road running, as the softer terrain absorbs more shock.

  4. Mental health benefits: Running in nature has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve mood and self-esteem. The natural surroundings can also have a calming effect on the mind.

  5. Increased vitamin D exposure: Running in the sun can increase vitamin D levels, which is essential for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

  6. Connection with nature: Trail running provides an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

  7. Improved balance and coordination: Running on uneven terrain requires more balance and coordination, which can improve these skills over time.

Overall, nature and trail running can provide a challenging, yet rewarding workout, while also providing a connection with nature and numerous mental health benefits.


  • 8 weeks of guided trail runs in Summerland & Penticton. 

  • Group meet up with intention setting each run & mobility session pre run.

  • Post run Yoga & Stretch session.

  • Support and tips and tricks to help build your knowledge and skills each week. 

  • Access to Tara's online library of Strength & Stretch & Yoga pre-recorded videos you can do anytime (within the 2 months).

  • Group connection and community page. 

  • Mindfulness Moments & Connection from Tara. 

  • Support 

  • Each week there will be a meeting spot and details of what is involved each run. Pre-planned distances to help workyour way up. With lots of options for all levels. 

  • Group Gathering Event at the end of the 8 weeks TBA

  • $179 Early Bird Rate : Sign up before April 1st, 2023

  • $199 Sign up after April 1st, 2023

  • Depending on space, we *might offer drop in spot's $25.00 (you must book ahead of time.) 

  • Sign up on link bottom of page, through the website. 

Meet Tara: Life Coach & Fitness / Wellness Trainer / Soul Sparker / Energy worker

Entrepreneur, the mastermind behind The b. class®, Life Coach, Fitness Coach (Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer), Yoga Teacher, Reiki therapist, and adventure seeker. Tara Newbigging holds a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education with a Major in Health Promotion. Beyond the labels, Tara is a passionate individual who loves to inspire people and help them discover their talents and gifts so that they can enjoy and experience their true life purpose and happiness. You can find this girl outside running in the mountains, riding her bike, skiing, or hanging out with friends listening to live music. These are just a few of her most connected inspirational activities. Her passion and life force help her see opportunity. And, her motivation creates spark.

She loves trail running and nature, and the clarity you can get from some running on dirt. Tara has been trail running since 2013 and has done everything from starting up as a beginner to racing, as well as big 50km adventures in the mountains. Her interest in helping others learn and discover trails for mental clarity and happiness is on par with this new project. 

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