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Breakdown of Services

This breakdown is to help with confusion about what is what, and which service is best for you. Tara has lots of offerings and this will hopefully help you decide which is right for you.


These are the classes that happen live in the moment with Tara on Zoom. These classes are all pay and sign up as you desire.  Anyone can do them from anywhere. This experience gives you the  full on vibes with everyone present on the class. Sign up is open until 1.5 hours before the class starts, and then tickets sales close, and the link is emailed out 1 hour before the event. 

See link for events:


On Demand / Subscription (Monthly/Yearly)

This is an amazing service for anyone looking for access to Tara's workout videos at anytime. These videos provide you access on a monthly basis. This is great for anyone that is dedicated to workout at home on their own and wants access to a variety of workout options. 

Sign up monthly and you can cancel at anytime. $31.50 

Sign up 1x fee for the year $279 ($23.24 /month) *non refundable 

Videos are added constantly, and special offers for subscribers will be shared. 



Just like it says, Pay each time you want to view the videos. Currently this is only available for The b. class® videos.  $10 Rental / 48 hour access and you have access to do the class on your own time anytime. 


If you are interested in joining the unlimited videos and membership you will have access to these videos as your monthly subscription. Also reminder that you can join a live virtual when it works for you as well. 

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